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2009-03-15 Sanfrecce 2-3 Omiya Ardija

Posted by stefanole on 2009/03/23

Defeat for Sanfrecce in their first game of the new season at the Big Arch.


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サンフレッチェ広島 2-3 大宮アルディージャ

Goals: Takahagi 3′, Moriwaki 49′
Match Stats

A comparitively high 20,000+ crowd at the Big Arch were left disappointed as Sanfrecce’s first home game of the 2009 J-League season was not quite the triumphant event that they were hoping for.

A very bright start which was capped by an early scrappy goal (the ball rebounded off a post and was probably barely over the line) credited to Takahagi.

The game became gradually more even as time went on, with some bright runs by home debutant Mikić failing to break down an increasingly steadfast Ardija defence marshalled by their own star European, ex-Croatian international Mato Neretlijak.

We became increasingly reliant on long-balls forward as the game went on, which was not encouraging as it spoiled our usual passing game. Mikić gamely tried to play the target man on the wing, but with little support it was difficult for him to carve out opportunities on his own.


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