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2009-04-26 More on the madness of Yoshida

Posted by stefanole on 2009/04/27

So I did a little digging today on the referee for yesterday’s game. I found this story that explains how Yoshida Tomimitsu caused a FIFA World Cup Qualifier to be replayed in its entirety due to a grievous technical error: he canceled a penalty for a side rather than have it retaken after an attacker encroached. Needless to say, he’s not sporting a FIFA badge any more. This article describes how he has been suspended indefinitely from refereeing any FIFA or AFC matches.

Judge for yourselves whether there is contact here. The previous frames I have show the defender watching Mikić rather than the ball, and his intent to knock Mikić off his stride (i.e. Pushing / Charging an opponent) is obvious. Whether the contact is sufficient to award a penalty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me the ball is a couple of strides ahead of Mikić so I probably would have waved play-on. To give a yellow card for Simulation in this case though is ridiculous, and to give a second yellow after a very harsh booking for dissent a matter of minutes earlier borders on criminal. So, Yoshida Toshimitsu: can you honestly say that you believe that Mihael Mikić is a cheater, and that you could make that kind of decision from over twenty yards away? Because I don’t, sorry.



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