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2009-05-30 Sanfrecce 7-0 Omiya Ardija

Posted by stefanole on 2009/05/30

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I didn’t go to the game as it was a pointless cup game. But still, what about them Purple Archers eh? Some more results like this in the league would be nice.

H. Sato 4′ 1 – 0
I. Stoyanov 12′ 2 – 0
Y. Kashiwagi 35′ 3 – 0
Y. Kashiwagi 56′ 4 – 0
T. Aoyama 67′ 5 – 0
T. Yokotake 89′ 6 – 0

Don’t know who the seventh scorer was yet.


One Response to “2009-05-30 Sanfrecce 7-0 Omiya Ardija”

  1. Agent Orange said

    It was Mato on an own goal. Mikic missed a pk and I guess Mato put it in.

    Obviously wasn’t meaningless to Sanfrecce!

    I believe that was the first time we gave up 7 goals during our time in J1…….5 was the previous high. Poor Aoki probably will never see another game this season.

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