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2009-07-19 Sanfrecce 4-1 JEF United Ichihara Chiba

Posted by stefanole on 2009/07/29

SATO Hisato grabbed the first goal (photo from June) - stefanole

SATO Hisato: grabbed the first goal (photo from June) - stefanole

Sanfrecce successfully avenged their 2-1 defeat earlier in the season by putting JEF down at home by four goals to one, and in doing so broke their season-record three game losing streak.

There was good news at the start of the game as Mikić and Takahagi returned to the side, with Mikić being substituted out in the second half for Morita (probably a tactical substitution to help Sanfrecce sit on their 2-0 lead), and Takahagi was substituted in for Takayanagi.

JEF caused a scare in the 24th minute as the ball flashed across the face of the goal, but the JEF attackers couldn’t direct it past Nakabayashi.

In the 26th minute, Takayanagi shot from range straight at the keeper when a pass would probably have been the better option. He looked nervous, probably because he is playing for his place with Takahagi back.

The first Sanfrecce goal came at the end of a period of sustained pressure from the Purple Archers. After Mikić had an attempt saved, Kashiwagi again was the provider for Hisato as he directed a very skilful volley past the JEF keeper.

Ilian STOYANOV: got the second goal against his old side (photo from May) - stefanole

Ilian STOYANOV: got the second goal against his old side (photo from May) - stefanole

The second Sanfrecce goal came just after half-time, from a Stoyanov free kick. It’s taken a while, but this one finally paid off as the ball looped in off the post. Stoyanov’s celebration was interesting as he ran straight to manager Petrović.

Maybe Stoyanov’s return to form is due in part to an intervention by Petrović, but it is also possible that Stoyanov enjoyed scoring against the team he was thrown out of. He was released by JEF in the summer of 2007 for criticising the manager, after having helped the team to two cup wins. JEF’s loss is definitely Sanfrecce’s gain.

Rain dampened the rest of the game, but it warmed up again with ten minutes left. Maki came close to pulling one back for JEF in the 82nd minute with a header, but good marking from Morita put him off at the crucial moment.

Sanfrecce’s third came from some awful defending from JEF. A lob from Morita was redirected high into the JEF backline by Takahagi, who replaced an industrious but nervy Takayanagi in the 66th minute. The JEF defenders failed to deal with the threat early, with both central defenders jogging back and expecting the other to clear it. Ri Han-Jae, on for a tired Kashiwagi only two minutes earlier, seized the opportunity to blast the ball past Okamoto in the JEF goal for what I think is his first goal this season.

JEF’s only goal was scored in additional time. A silly free kick was conceded by Morita on Sanfrecce’s left for an unnecessary push, and although Nakabayashi punched well from the resulting cross, Kudo’s hopeful long-range shot took a nasty deflection off Aoyama’s arse and flew into the top corner.

JEF didn’t know what hit them a minute later however, as their tired legs couldn’t stop Hisato from weaving his way through their defence. A cutback from Hisato to Aoyama saw his shot blocked by a defender, but the rebound fell kindly and Aoyama showed very good technique as he shot into the ground to bounce the ball over the prostrate keeper.

All these additional-time goals had the J-League pretty confused, with three goals being credited on 89 minutes, instead of the more accepted format that I have used here.

We still seem to be leaking yellow cards, with Makino and Mikić earning their fourth and sixth yellows of the season respectively. According to Soccerway, this means Mikić has the fourth worst disciplinary record in J1, this despite having missed the last few games. One more yellow would see Makino make an appearance on the J1 rogues’ gallery also, as well as possibly earn a suspension (I don’t know how these work in the J-League).

All in all, this was a very satisfying win against a team that bullied us off the ball when we played them in Chiba earlier in the season. It was also good to see Mikić and Takahagi back in the side, as it seems to have put the spring back in Sanfrecce’s collective step.


Hisato 45’+1 (1-0)
Stoyanov 49′ (2-0)
Ri Han-Jae 90′ (3-0)
(3-1) Kudo 90’+1
Aoyama 90’+2 (4-1)


………………………HISATO (FW)
..HATTORI………………………….…MIKIC (MF)

Used substitutes:



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  2. […] unbeaten run began with a 4-1 home drubbing of JEF United Chiba on the 19th of July. They went into the game having suffered three straight defeats, their worst run of the season. It […]

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