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2009-07-25 FC Tokyo 0-0 Sanfrecce

Posted by stefanole on 2009/08/05

Mikić and Ishikawa clash in May - stefanole

Mikić and Ishikawa clash in May - stefanole

Sanfrecce claimed a point from a game in which they were marginally the lesser side. In doing so they frustrated an in-form FC Tokyo who came into the game on the back of eight straight victories in all competitions, a record stretching back nearly two months.

Tokyo’s Ishikawa was really the star of the show, in a match which was lively throughout and held the interest despite the lack of goals. Ishikawa summed up Tokyo’s irritation at their inability to make a breakthrough however, as he was visibly annoyed after being substituted at the end of the match. He had previously scored in six of FC Tokyo’s last seven games.

Recently some teams have taken to targeting specific players in order to try to nullify Sanfrecce’s attacking potency, an obvious case being Kyoto Sanga’s decision to kick Kashiwagi around until he was no longer effective in midfield. This time Stoyanov was the player who seemed to be on the receiving end of some questionable challenges, an interesting tactic since our Ilian is of course a defender.

FC Tokyo fans at the Big Arch in May - stefanole

FC Tokyo fans at the Big Arch in May - stefanole

When he is in the zone though, Stoyanov is the brains behind many of Sanfrecce’s attacks, and from what I’ve seen he pretty much ran the game against JEF United. As a plan, it was potentially a very clever one, but it did not take into account just how stubborn and intelligent Stoyanov can be: I don’t remember seeing him concede a free kick against Tokyo players who were visibly more aggressive in challenges with him. His victory came in the 80th minute when Hirayama, a 2004 Olympian for the Japanese national team, was booked after tangling with Stoyanov. He was substituted four minutes later, presumably to protect him further from Stoyanov’s wiles. The very respectful handshake Stoyanov received from Kajiyama, who I believe was wearing the captain’s armband at the end of the game, was caught on camera by the television director.

Elsewhere, Ri Han-Jae attempted to capitalise on Mikic’s renewed absence and was very lively in the first twenty minutes. He faded in the second half however and was replaced by Rakuyama. Takahagi was again subbed in for Takayanagi at half time, and hammered one of his signature long-range drives just over. Morita came in for Makino, who was probably suspended after picking up five yellow cards for the season.

All in all, a very useful point away from home against one of J1’s in-form sides.


………………………HISATO (FW)
..HATTORI………………………….…RI (MF)

Used substitutes:

Unused substitutes:

None (wtf?, although Makino is suspended)



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