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2011-03-20 Sanfrecce fundrasing: 3+ million yen raised so far

Posted by stefanole on 2011/03/20

Sanfrecce have reported raising 3,238,816 yen so far in aid of the victims of the Tohoku disasters. This represents nearly $40,000.

1,750,724 yen was raised at the recent charity game against Avispa Fukuoka, and a further 1,488,092 yen was raised through collections on Hondori in front of Anderson, at Alpark Tenmaya (JR Nishi-Hiroshima/Hiroden Shoko-center-iriguchi), and at the Shareo central plaza (the underground shopping mall beneath Hiroden Kamiya-cho).

Sanfrecce have announced another charity game, at Gainare Tottori, and the proceeds of ticket sales in that match will also be donated to the Red Cross.



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