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2011-03-30 Fundraising update

Posted by stefanole on 2011/04/03

AOYAMA Toshihiro out fundraising - SIGMA CLUB

Sanfrecce have announced the result of their fundraising for Tohoku disaster relief to date.

  • 3/19 match vs Avispa Fukuoka: 1,750,724 yen
  • 3/20 street fundraising: 1,488,092 yen
  • Collections at V-POINT (Sanfrecce official shop, Kamiya-cho) 250,044 yen
  • Others: 41,026 yen

Total: 3,529,886 yen.

Sanfrecce have also announced the results of their charity auction, where players auctioned various items (training shoes, match-worn shirts, etc.) on the eV-POINT, Sanfrecce’s online store. This Japanese blog has tracked the items and their final sale price (the author of that blog won a pair of Nakajima’s training shoes). The highest big for a single item was 540,909 yen for an ACL match ball signed by Sanfrecce players.

69 items were auctioned in total, attracting 2,421 bids for a total of 5,849,040 yen.

Therefore the total that Sanfrecce have raised so far is 9,378,906 yen, or 111,500+ US Dollars.


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