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New 2013 Uniforms On Sale

Posted by stefanole on 2013/02/26


Sanfrecce have announced that the 2013 season uniforms will be going on sale Wednesday 27 February. The uniforms will be available at the V-Point in Kamiya-cho (広島市中区紙屋町2-1-18 エディオン広島本店本館8F) or online at the e-VPoint. You can probably also find them on eBay, as resellers are getting better at filling the demand for Japanese shirts since the official stores themselves don’t usually ship abroad.

The uniform’s design is of course not a surprise since it has already been seen in action in the Super Cup. That little star sure looks great on it, though.

The hoop design is an upgrade on the weird checkerboard that Nike went with last season. I haven’t seen any stupid press releases like the one last season where they said that the different squares in the checked design symbolized the rivers and islands that make up Hiroshima prefecture (Hiroshima is the “wide island” after all). That doesn’t explain why Manchester United had the exact same design.

The pinnacle of Sanfrecce shirts for me (and Claire) is still the 2011 geometric design, but this is certainly a nice looking shirt. The sponsor logo isn’t too distracting for me, though I am starting to wish that Edion (parent company of DEODEO, the shirt sponsor for several years) would get over their identity crisis and settle on a logo.

I would get a Hisato one, but I don’t have very good luck. The players on the two Sanfrecce shirts I have (Makino and Lee) both left Sanfrecce at the end of the season that I got the shirt. I should have gotten a Mikic one like Claire did.

References: http://www.sanfrecce.co.jp/news/release/20130225_00.html


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