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2013-04-02 [ACL Group G] Sanfrecce Hiroshima 0-1 Pohang Steelers (ROK)

Posted by stefanole on 2013/04/04

Like the honey badger, Sanfrecce don't give a f*** about the ACL. Image from: http://theshroom.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/advice-column-ask-a-honey-badger/

Honey badger doesn’t give a f*** about the ACL, and neither do Sanfrecce. Image from: http://theshroom.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/advice-column-ask-a-honey-badger/

Sanfrecce lost a match that nobody in Japan cares about in a competition that nobody in Japan cares about either. This might be overstating it a little, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that Sanfrecce are not taking this competition seriously as it is an unwelcome distraction from the J League, and success would not benefit them in the slightest. The message is clearly not lost on Sanfrecce’s fans, as only 5,365 turned out for this game.

Poichi and Hisato made some comments after the game along the lines of “now we have to go give our all in the final three matches”, the corollary to which of course is that this wasn’t the case in the first three games. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Sanfrecce started to pick up results now that qualification is all-but-impossible, but just fail to qualify in the sixth group match.

It therefore shouldn’t be in the least bit shocking that Poichi again swapped out the core of Sanfrecce’s first XI and replaced them with a B side including Okamoto, Park, Ishikawa and Notsuda. This is in line with previous ACL games this season. For comparison (the formation against Pohang is my best guess as I didn’t see the game):

2013-04-02 Sanfrecce formations

I don’t think analyzing this match any further would be useful as it is obvious that Sanfrecce did not have their best side and were not at their best in this match, for reasons I have outlined, so I will just post the highlights.

Other News

My analysis of the Shimizu game was featured in a Japanese twitter newspaper. Check it out here.

The Sanfrecce 2012 J-League victory t-shirts finally arrived at the V-Point. Mine arrived at Tenso.com yesterday and I should be getting them for myself and Claire next week. Awesome!



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